Best Wire Crimping Tool

Thomas and Betts WT111M Plier

Quality work demands quality tools. Once you have used quality tools you realize just how important they really are to being professional. I couldn’t tell you how many garbage wiring jobs I have seen from poorly crimped on connectors and wires falling out of those connectors, or even worse is a wire still in the connector not making good contact and causing all kinds of headaches from an intermittent problem.

Hands down the best wire crimpers on the planet is the Thomas and Betts WT111M. I’ve put a picture of mine as they are well over 30 years old. ( someone gave this pair to me used, and I’ve been using them for the past 25 years. ) I have no idea how I lived with out them. Well actually I do know, I used to solder all the ends on, however when you do that, the wire can be prone to breaking off at the end of the terminal.  So while that was better than using a crappy pair of crimps, it was time consuming and still not the best solution. BTW I’ve also used these as a hammer, they work great for pulling nails from wood and still have no problem cutting through #4 welding cable.  So to say they are well made is a no brainer.  One last thing is the orange and black handles make them real easy to spot whether they are laying in a mess on the work bench or in your tool box.