Keith Black Forged Pistons

keith black pistons for evolution engines

When building a high performance engine you want to use the very best. Keith Black Forged Pistons are an excellent choice. KB Performance pistons are a Forged 4032 low expansion alloy. The 4032 alloy is preferred for high performance / high compression applications. They offer offset wrist pins for a quiet running engine. The low expansion alloy allows for a tighter piston to wall running clearance which lets the piston rings do their job better. This means better compression with less blow-by and better oil control to keep oil out of the combustion chamber. The cleaner the charge, the better it burns, the more power you have. :?)

Conflict Machine Primary Plugs

conflict machine XL primary plugs brassBrass primary plugs for Iron head Sportsters from Conflict Machine.

Precision machining give them a great fit and superb look that adds a nice touch of class to your Sporty.


Also available in aluminium and for big twin transmission filler plugs. Different designs to choose from.aluminium fill plugs conflict




You can also send Jeremiah a request for a custom design of yours.