Godspeed Leatherwerks

godspeedCraftsmanship, quality and excellence pretty much speak for itself when you see it. That is what you will find at Godspeed Leatherwerks. Madeira Semple, owner of Godspeed Leather, and her husband Dean put a lot of talent and passion into each piece they do, creating  truly fine custom leather accessories. If your looking for a motorcycle seat or anything else made of leather, be sure to check them out!


Conflict Machine Primary Plugs

conflict machine XL primary plugs brassBrass primary plugs for Iron head Sportsters from Conflict Machine.

Precision machining give them a great fit and superb look that adds a nice touch of class to your Sporty.


Also available in aluminium and for big twin transmission filler plugs. Different designs to choose from.aluminium fill plugs conflict




You can also send Jeremiah a request for a custom design of yours.

Anti Gravity Batteries

anti gravity batteries

American made and ultra lightweight Anti Gravity lithium ion motorcycle batteries are the highest power lithium nano-phosphate motorcycle battery ever made. Does it get any better than that?

Their YTX12 24-cell battery weighs just 5 pounds and can produce 720 cranking amps in a compact size of  5.8″ x 3.5″ x 5.2″.  Sitting on a shelf, or disconnected, ( no parasitic draws) it will hold it’s charge for a year. It has solid brass terminals. It can be mounted in any direction. Comes with a 3 year warranty.

Anti Gravity lithium batteries are reliable and make a great choice for everyday bikes as well as customs and bikes with big inch motors that need all the cranking amps they can get. It’s also a much greener product than regular batteries as there is no electrolyte or lead used in construction.


Rivera Pro Clutch

rivera pro clutch for twin cams

Rivera Pro Clutch has been around for quite sometime now and it’s no wonder, because it’s one of those products that just works.  Whether you have a flathead, or a brand new 2016 twin cam, Rivera has a pro clutch set up for you.

The Pro Clutch will fit the 2015 Low and the 2016 touring models and the Pro Clutch™ with TPP® Variable Pressure Clutch Assist™ will fit and hold the power of a big inch engine on the same models. The use of their spacer will keep the derby cover away from the TPP®.


Custom Dyna Tripple Trees

brock performance tripple trees for dyna's

These custom trees from Brock Performance allow you to use Suzuki Gixxer (GSX) R1000 or Kawasaki ZX10R fork tubes/wheels/brakes on your Dyna Glide for a ultra cool sport handling performance package. They have no rake built into them, unlike the stock Dyna trees which have 3 degrees. The lower tree can be flipped for use with fork extensions.  Tree configurations are available in 50/54, 50/55, 50/56 mm.

Note: these also work on FXR’s and Sportsters quite well… in fact.